LAST ORDERING DATES FOR CHRISTMAS – Pet photography with Madaboutgreys

It seems mad to be mentioning Christmas in November.  But the truth is that the professional printing labs I use get very busy at this time of year (so do I!) and their Christmas deadlines are now approaching fast.  So, without further ado, here are my last ordering dates if you want that fabulous canvas of your dog, or a stunning acrylic wall display of that image from your horse photoshoot, or to order a Madaboutgreys Photoshoot Gift Voucher for your friends or family in time for Christmas:

4 December for wall art (canvases, acrylics etc) & display products
11 December for standard photographic prints
18 December for photoshoot gift vouchers delivered by post
23 December for photoshoot gift vouchers delivered by email

I’m now officially fully booked for photoshoots till January, but if you are enquiring about a booking for a beautiful greyhound (or a lovely lurcher, or a winsome whippet) I might just be able to fit you in.

Christmas presents for dog lovers


DOG PHOTOGRAPHY FOR CHRISTMAS – Last orders dates for Madaboutgreys Photography


With Christmas deadlines approaching, it seems like everyone wants to order doggy Christmas cards, book photoshoots, order dog photography gift vouchers and presents for dog-loving friends and family. Here is a reminder of my last ordering dates for Christmas dog photography here in London and Surrey.  Don’t leave it too late!

  • 9 December for wall art and other presentation products
  • 17 December for prints and digitals
  • 19 December for gift vouchers sent by post
  • 23 December for gift vouchers sent by email



Personalised Christmas cards for dog lovers

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – well it is in my studio anyhow.  The Christmas photoshoots seem to start earlier each year though I think that doing a Christmas shoot in the first week in October is something of a record! I’m expecting a steady stream of dogs for Christmas shoots in my Richmond studios over the coming month and I have some gorgeous sets lined up – a snow scene like the one above, a lovely red and white Christmas tree setting and a stunning low key set on a red velvet strewn day bed.  And I love seeing these photos turned into very special personalised Christmas cards by their dog-loving owners. Anyhow if there are any dog owners in London or Surrey who’d like a Christmas mini-shoot for their dog(s) do get in touch quickly because the slots are booking up fast.

Alternatively you could always join me at the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust Christmas Open Day near Guildford on 26 November from 1200 till 4pm.  I’ll be setting up a special Christmas photobooth and doing Christmas photoshoots all afternoon in aid of the greyhounds and lurchers in their care, so if you are in the areas do pop along and say hello.

PS Stunning black whippet Tate in his Christmas coat was one of the models from last year’s Christmas mini shoots – don’t worry, I promise I keep all Christmas shoots under wraps till after Christmas so I won’t spoil anyone’s surprises.


London Dog photographer shorted for Royal Photographic Society Print Competition

So excited that one of my photographs has been shortlisted in the Royal Photographic Society’s (RPS) International Print Competition this year.  With over 5000 entries and the quality of work sky-high, it is such an honour to have made it this far.  I’ve never entered this competition before so it must be beginner’s luck!

PS The sharp-eyed among you may have recognised my model, the beautiful borzoi Luka that I met at Crufts this year.  Such a delight to get to photograph him under nice studio lighting.

TEN FROM 2015 – Surrey Dog Photographer Madaboutgreys picks some personal favourites


Continuing what has become a bit of a tradition on the Madaboutgreys Blog, here is my year end round up of ten pictures which sum up the photography year for me.  My line up this year has a bit of a geeky photography gear theme running through it, so I should probably start with:


I went to the Photography Show in March with no specific plans and came away with a silly smirk and a Nikon D4s under my arm.  It felt like an extravagance at the time, but honestly this camera has been a game-changer for action photography.  I can shoot a sequence of fast moving dogs, including the dreaded dog heading towards me shot, and about 90% are in focus.

Whippet running photograph Nikon D4S



Continuing my hymn of praise for the D4S, this was shot in autumn on an early morning that turned out much darker than I had hoped.  I was forced to work at stupidly high ISO and asking something almost impossible of the camera to grab a focus on very fast dog as he broke through the bracken at about 40mph.  I love this camera so much, I want to have its babies…

Running lurcher pet photoshoot



Because great photography buys aren’t always expensive.  I dropped into Sainsburys to get some peanut butter on my way to this puppy shoot, saw this fleece for something like £5 and bought it on impulse.  It makes such a difference to studio shoots for some dogs and cats who hate sitting on Colorama background paper.surrey whippet photographer



This impressionistic series was a bit of a project for me in 2015.  You can read more about how it started and why here

fine art dog photography



Has to be one of the loveliest locations and one of the sweetest and most handsome dogs I’ve shot this year.  I would love a stone floor like this in my studio.

Greyhound photography



My heart did a jump for joy when I was commissioned to photograph this stunning Italian Greyhound.  I wanted to recreate the pose and the mood of the famous Art Deco brooch for this image.

Italian greyhound studio photoshoot


I photographed a beautiful litter of Saluki pups in the spring.  I could happily have picked any of the pups’ images for a place here, but I’ve chosen Sami because he was thought to be the underdog, being somewhat shy, and I’ll always pick the underdog given a chance.

Saluki puppy photography



I’ve been experimenting with textures a lot this year.  This was actually a very simple shot without studio lights or any special gear.

Newmarket Equine Photography



Included for no other reason than that she is one of the prettiest dogs I’ve ever photographed…

Saluki lurcher studio photoshoot



I have always hated my flashgun and avoided it like the plague.  I invested a fortune on Elinchrom Quadras for outdoor work (and am very pleased with them too).  Sometimes I will even haul full studio lighting out on location to avoid having to use the hated flashgun.  But small speedlights do have undoubted advantage in terms of weight and of course speed, so my New Year’s resolution is to learn to love my speedlights.  And I am including this image of Grace, which was shot under speedlights, to remind me of this commitment.

Surrey dog photographer


Twelve years old and grey as a badger, Jasmine is my heart dog, one in a million, and still the most beautiful dog in my eyes.  And she is always up for a laugh with shots like this.

Greyhound Jasmine backs the All Blacks to win

TOP 10 CHRISTMAS GIFTS for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Here’s our 2015 suggestions for the top 10 Christmas gifts for dogs and dog lovers (as chosen by the Madaboutgreys hounds).

  1. A Charley Chau faux fur throw for my bed (as chosen by Lulu the lurcher).  The hounds got Charley Chau faux fur throws in the exquisite oatmeal colour last year and it was the most popular gift ever.  But Lulu is thinking she’d like a Charley Chau throw for every room in the house.  Jasmine is thinking if Lulu gets a second one, she’d like one too.
  2. Lily’s Kitchen Liver Treats (as chosen by all the hounds) – tasty, healthy and moreish, the perfect stocking filler for dogs
  3. A course of McTimoney massage and chiro sessions (as chosen by greyhound Jasmine).  This works wonders for her weak bad legs and dodgy posture, makes her feel young again.  Jasmine gets her McTimoney session once at month from the lovely Coral who operates from MyVet24 by appointment
  4. An Aga treat tin, filled with treats (as chosen by all the hounds).  Ideally they’d like an Aga to go with it and keep them toasty warm through the winter months but that’s a bit over the dogs’ Christmas budget.
  5. A Greytcoats tweed coat (as chosen by Lulu).  Jasmine already has her Greytcoats tweed, handmade to measure in fabulous greys and heather shades. Lulu feels distinctly shabby beside her during the winter months and thinks it’s her turn to get one.  And Greytcoats make a donation to Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare for every coat sold so it’s all in a good cause.
  6. A Doggy Boho braid collar in two tone leather from their exquisite Middle East collection, with perhaps a silver collar charm to go with it (as chosen by Jasmine).  Lulu already got hers as a Gotcha Day gift;  Jasmine wants to catch up…
  7. A Comic Relief Giggle Ball (as chosen by Jasmine).  Sold as part of the 2011 Comic Relief campaign, this has to be the very best dog toy ever.  It makes hysterical giggling noises when played with.  No longer available from Comic Relief but you can sometimes find them still on Ebay.  The battery on Jasmine’s old one finally gave up in October.  She is desperate.
  8. A Paw Plunger.  Forget towelling off your dogs’ muddy paws when they come in from winter walks.  Instead fill the Paw Plunger with warm warm and add a dash of something nice and relaxing like lavender hand soap, and your dogs will queue up to have their paws cleaned, some of ours even try to sneak a second go.  (As chosen by Lulu, who finds the greyhound-sized Paw Plunger a bit too large for her dainty paws and would like her own one in medium please.)
  9. An agility course (as chosen by Lulu) – she jumps incredibly well and has a great turn of speed and thinks this would be just up her street.  We are booking her in with Capable Canines next year.
  10. A lovely warm sweater from Greyt Sweaters in their new Diamond Design (as chosen by all the dogs).  Perfect for walks in autumn and spring or for an extra layer in bed at night when the heating goes off.

Naughty or nice?  Below the madaboutgreys hounds, left to right, Lulu, Grace and Jasmine.

Recommendations from the madaboutgreys hounds
Christmas Gifts for Dogs


PS The eagle-eyed will have noticed that lovely lurcher Gracie (centre) has been remarkably frugal in drawing up her Christmas list.  She is our foster dog from Lurcher SOS and all she really wants is the perfect Forever Home for 2016.  Do contact Lurcher SOS if you think you can help.


surrey dog photographer

For a dog photographer, Christmas is the time of year when you behave like a swan, on the surface serenely drifting along; under the water paddling like mad.  Anyone familiar with Christmas pet photography will know exactly what I mean.  This is the time of year when it seems like every pet owner in London and Surrey wants a photoshoot for their dog, to surprise their partner with a beautiful wall canvas on Christmas day; or wants some special photos of their horse for personalised Christmas cards; or wants a pet photography gift voucher as a special Christmas gift.  And mostly they want to keep the photoshoot secret till Christmas day.  So followers of my blog and Facebook page may wonder why I am so quiet, with fewer posts and blogs than usual. Rest assured, I am paddling like mad under the water.

It was such a delight to photograph gorgeous black whippet Tate and his sighthound family yesterday.  For once not a secret squirrel Christmas shoot but one I can share with everyone.  Tate’s family had won a special Christmas photoshoot I donated to the iheartwhippets Charity Christmas auction in aid of Just Whippets Rescue, Greyhound Rescue West of England and the Senior Sighthound Project. We had such fun rocking the Christmas sets with snow scenes and red velvets, and Christmas sweaters and collars.

If you are stuck for ideas for Christmas presents for your dog-loving friends, do pop along to the Christmas shop for inspiration.  But don’t leave it too late, please!