TEN for TEN – 10. My Lindy

This little dog, I owe her so much…  When I lost my greyhound Jasmine I thought I would never again find the perfect model and muse.  But Jasmine had trained her successor well.  True, Lindy does not walk into my studio and pose spontaneously on set with a cheeky grin as Jazz used to (she is more likely to walk in and fall asleep in the nearest chair).   But outdoor photoshoots are another matter – Lindy will sit or lie on wet pavements for the perfect urban photograph; pose among the lavenders so quietly that she doesn’t disturb even the sleeping bees; model dog coats in mid summer and make it look comfortable and natural; she will gallop along at 40mph and turn to smile at the camera at exactly the right moment…

She is gentle, a bit of a worrier, loving, and wise beyond her years, an old soul. Within in a few short days of taking her into our home on a foster basis, we realised we could not part with her and that she was already home for good.  I am not usually one to make spontaneous decisions ruled entirely by the heart.  But this was one of the best decisions of my life.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ten for Ten series,  ten photoshoots to mark ten years as a professional dog photographer, ten dogs who have been a part of my photographic journey.  I give you No 10 – Lindy the Lurcher (see, I saved the best till last).

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I'm Liz Coleman, aka madaboutgreys, an award-winning Surrey dog photographer, offering photoshoots for hounds, horses and all kinds of pets across London, Surrey and the South East. Check out the madaboutgreys WEBSITE at www.madaboutgreys.com

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