TEN for TEN – 8. BJ the poodle

Then and now photographs of a former show  poodle
BJ now

Next up in my Ten for Ten project is BJ.  Hold on to your hats, folks, because you’re in for a big surprise…  BJ is not a sighthound but a poodle! I actually photograph loads of other breeds besides sighthounds, but I guess I do wear my (sighthound-shaped) heart on my sleeve a bit.  

I first met BJ at Discover Dogs years ago and his mum commissioned me to do some photographs of him in his prime as a show dog.  Poodles in show cut are about as different from a greyhound as you can get.  They need different lighting to find the eyes beneath that huge top knot. And (so unlike the rescues and the family pets I normally work with, who fidget and don’t pose in any conventional sense) BJ was the dream subject standing stock still in the perfect pose for as long as it took!  Then again, there are many similarities – the beauty of line and shape, and the way studio lighting shows off those features.

BJ finished his career as a show dog some years ago and abandoned his lion show cut in favour of a practical short style.  Nowadays he mostly works as chief canine treat-tester and beach-scout at his owner’s stunning (and immensely dog friendly) barn in Norfolk (available for holiday rentals through East Ruston Cottages.   Check out the link to see BJ hard at work checking out possible goodies for the Rooster Barn Welcome Pack.  But he still keeps his paw in with the show world, coaching his young housemate Snugs, who is currently taking the show ring by storm.

Show poodle trim by London Studio Dog Photographer
BJ then

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I'm Liz Coleman, aka madaboutgreys, an award-winning Surrey dog photographer, offering photoshoots for hounds, horses and all kinds of pets across London, Surrey and the South East. Check out the madaboutgreys WEBSITE at www.madaboutgreys.com

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