ARE LURCHERS PROPER DOGS? | Polly the Mole Catcher!

We have a mole! (maybe more than one…). In one short week it has destroyed all of Nick’s hard work to recover our grass from “builder’s scrap area” to normal family lawn and the place looks like the Somme (without the mud of course).

We called in The Local Mole Catcher. He said he wasn’t sure it even was a mole, there were no mountains, no obvious tunnels, just piles of ripped up grass. But, said Nick, something has done all this, pointing to the desecration that was once a garden; our lurchers have been sniffing the area with great interest, and they were used as working dogs before we adopted them, so they are probably sensing something.

The Mole Catcher was not impressed. If it was a mole, he said, a “proper dog”, a terrier, would be identifying exactly where it was with pinpoint accuracy, and he looked with undisguised contempt towards our lurchers Lindy and Polly (who were busy playing a gentle game of bitey face). He left, saying if there was any fresh evidence it was a mole, he would visit again, perhaps. We felt like townies being dismissed as silly children.

Last night we were enjoying a glass of something cool out in the garden while the light faded and the bats began to circle. Polly suddenly became very animated, did a quick dig and carried something out in her mouth, dropped it a few times,  trotted round with it a bit and then, alas, let it go for good. By the time we got a torch it had disappeared, so any plans to shift it out of our garden to safety over the wall were thwarted.

But we are so very proud of Polly. She didn’t harm the little mole but she proved beyond doubt that we do have one. She is a proper dog after all!

lurchers for townies

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